#1 All about User-Generated Content (UGC)

Benefits for your business to use User-generated Content?

The biggest advantage of business profiles using UGC is that your customers are essentially doing all your social media content for you! and best of all, it’s for FREE!

We get videos, photos and stories from our customers using our app in real-time. Ask your customers to TAG your business profile or create a unique hashtag to easily search when someone posts about your product/company via Instagram. Then simple screenshot the photo, post it on your business profile feed and tag the author of the original post to give credit, where credit is due. We often copy the original posts caption with a simple “thanks” or “good luck tonight @user”, the author benefits from the attention and the fact that the business is actually listening and responding to their followers. Makes you as a follower feel valuable and rewarded for using your company’s product šŸ™‚

At BlitzBet, we found an overwhelming 91% of our followers engage more with authentic content from other customers posts than when we as a company make a post on our Instagram feed.Ā 

It’s important to humanize your brand on Instagram and give your Instagram feed a voice that isn’t coming directly from a “corporate perspective”. When scheduling your upcoming week of social media posts, don’t just post professional photos and/or professional graphic design “Advertisement Banners”. They look too perfect and actually works against the sole purpose of Instagram; which is to share AUTHENTIC photos within a community.

Most companies run their feed as a one way street, where the majority of your feed resembles a loud billboard shouting Ads at everyone.

At Blitzbet, we focus on the Millennial male sports fan demographic.Ā Our followers respond best to other Millennial Males sports fans reviewing our sportsbook and sharing why they enjoy using our app, rather than us as a “corporation” convincing our followers we have a superb sportsbook app.

Who would you rather hearĀ about this awesome new sports betting app?Ā TheĀ sports betting corporation or your best friend?

UGC will increase your conversion rate (new app downloads) on Instagram by 8x, simply by having other people tell your followers why your app is awesome than when you (as a business) say how awesome your app is.

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